How to Make the Most Of Social Media for Video Marketing in 2018.

It’s October already?! As we come closer to the end of the year, nearly half the world’s population are active on some form of social media. And with 72% of people preferring to learn about a product or services through video content, its no wonder businesses continue using video as a key part of their social media marketing strategies. With new platforms emerging and changes happening to existing platforms; here are some up-to-date tips to help you make the most of your social media channels in 2018.

With around 500 Million of those watching video content on the platform every day, Facebook remains an essential tool for video marketing.

  • Video length: limit of 45 minutes. It may sound like a better place to post longer content, however with user attention spans lower than ever, try to keep content shorter rather than longer — 75% of videos posted last year were under 2 minutes long.
  • Go Live: In the past few years Facebook has also made a push into live video territory. You can start a live video natively within the platform, which allows a more immediate connection to your audience — typically working well with things like Q&A’s and interviews.
  • When to post? Weekends and out-of-work hours see higher engagement; and while a 3pm post usually gets more clicks, posting at 1pm will get more shares

Despite a somewhat tumultuous year for the platform, Youtube continues to grow with nearly 1.8 billion active monthly users this year.

  • Video Length: while its algorithm can be difficult to crack, users tend to spend more time with specific content and creators — meaning longer, in-depth content will go further. Anywhere between 2–10 minutes seems to work best.
  • Go Live: Youtube has also made a big push to integrate live video directly into its platform — great for Q&A’s and interacting with viewers once you’ve established an audience.
  • When to post? Anytime between 12pm and 4pm usually leads to higher reach, as users are checking their subscription feeds the most after work — but generally consistency is key!

Twitter went through some pretty big changes last year — doubling the character limit to 280 per tweet — but its brevity is still what sets it apart from other platforms.

  • Video Length: despite the changes, shorter is still better here; and the same logic applies to video content, which is 6 times more likely to be retweeted than text-only tweets. Theres a limit of 2 minutes 30 seconds for videos posted on the platform, with the average video coming in at around 40 seconds — so try to keep your message concise.
  • Go live: Twitter has also made a big push toward live content this year. If you broadcast live to your followers, you’ll actually be automatically placed at the top of their feed — which makes it a great way to get yourself seen regularly.
  • When to post? 80% of Twitter users are on mobile devices, which is where almost all video views happen. In other words, theres no real optimum day to tweet, because users are logging in all the time from their pockets; However, the best times to tweet are usually 12pm, 3pm, and between 5–6pm — midday to target people on work breaks, and evening for those that commute.

Still one of the largest growing social media platforms online, Instagram has proven itself to be one of the most valuable social media marketing tools out there.

  • Video Length: The platform’s typical 60 second time limit on in-feed videos has always been both a blessing and a curse — forcing brands to be more concise in their message but also limiting the amount of content you can squeeze into one post. ‘Stories’ expire after 24 hours and are good for behind the scenes footage, and the new IGTV feature allows for videos up to 1 hour long.
  • Style: Visuals are your priority. Try to use subtitles for dialogue or typography for info-heavy videos, and aim for bright, attractive imagery to keep users’ attention.
  • When to post? Posts on Mondays and Thursday’s tend to gain the most engagement, with the commute before and after work at 8am and 5pm being the most effective time to get your posts seen.

Perhaps the smallest of the bunch when it comes to video marketing, LinkedIn is growing steadily with 55% of companies hoping to start or continue sharing video content in the coming years.

  • Video Length: Video sharing wasn’t even a feature within the platform before 2017. There is a limit of 10 minutes, with the ideal video length being anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.
  • Style: Successful videos tend to be of the best quality possible when it comes to the look, editing and content. Informative videos tent to do better, with business messaging proving more effective as users are usually in a professional, business mind set when surfing the network.
  • When to post? Naturally with LinkedIn’s user base you’ll find it more effective to post around working hours — morning/evening commutes, lunch breaks — and midweek.

Need any further tips and advice when it comes to publishing video content across Social Media? We’d love to hear from you - Get in contact through our website or on any of our social channels.

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